Online Services

There’s no need to come in to our office to make most financial transactions related to your credit union accounts. In fact, you can perform them from your office, or from anywhere else that has an Internet connection. Our online services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Credit Union Online

Log on to Credit Union Online, our free online banking service, at the upper left corner of our Web site to check your balances, view and print account history, transfer money between accounts, make loan and credit cards payments, see if a check has cleared and more. You can download your account details to money management software for easy recordkeeping.

To register for Credit Union Online, auto-enroll online with your Audio Response PIN. If you don’t have an Audio PIN, contact a member service representative for help. Not sure if you want to use Credit Union Online? You can take a test drive by logging into the demonstration account using Logon ID 123456789 and Security Code 1234.

Online Bill Payment

Within Credit Union Online, you can choose our optional Online Bill Payment service. It lets you pay bills quickly and efficiently with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can pay anyone, including both businesses and individuals. Set up your bills to pay one at a time, or put in recurring payments so you don’t have to remember your due dates each month. Once you enter a payee into the system, it stores the information so it’s handy for next time.

In addition to just paying bills, you can easily view your payment history, see pending payments and schedule future payments.

With our low monthly fee, you'll find the service pays for itself by saving you time and money. You no longer have to worry about late fees, envelopes or stamps.

Once you sign up for Credit Union Online, you can sign up for Online Bill Payment.


With the convenience of eStatements, you can receive your monthly statement in electronic format. You’ll get it sooner than a paper statement and reduce the risk of identity theft. These statements are secure and you can access them for up to six months online. You’ll also save some trees.

Visa Online

You can access your Visa credit card online to view your balance, pay your bill and make certain account changes. Just log on to EZcardinfo.