Share Savings Accounts

Our savings accounts are called "share accounts" because they are your share in the credit union. Whether you deposit $5 or $5,000, you have a voice and you have a vote. Our traditional share account requires just $5 to open, and once you do so, you can use any other products and services you qualify for at the credit union.

Plus, you can start earning dividends immediately. They’re based on your average daily balance, and we credit them on the last day of each month. With our competitive rates it's a great place to keep your extra cash working for you while still having it on hand when you need it.

You can make deposits anytime, in person, by mail, via ATM or through direct deposit or payroll deduction.

Once a member, always a member

Once you open your share account you’re a member of the credit union for as long as the account remains open. It doesn’t matter if you change jobs or otherwise leave our field of membership.